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The maturity decision will reflect your view of the direction of short- term interest rates over the coming weeks or months. You’ll want a longer average maturity or duration when interest rates are falling and a shorter one when they’re rising. A working knowledge of economics will help you sort through the market drivers that determine the direction of interest rates. Once you’ve made the maturity decision, determining the optimal mix among U.S. Treasuries, agencies, commercial paper, CDs, and repos is still in front of you. If credit risk is too much of a concern, you can avoid it altogether by investing your general purpose fund entirely in U.S. Treasury bills. You’d have a very safe fund, but one that probably wouldn’t be around for long, simply because its yield would be too low to be competitive. You’ll talk constantly with research analysts and traders to choose higher-yielding securities that still have the financial health to meet their obligations. The combination will help the fund meet all of its objectives.