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In other words there are two types of funds looking at green products. First the increase in „Socially Responsible Investing‟ (SRI) has raised demand from „ethical funds‟ for what are seen as ethical (including „green‟) projects. This has been furthered by the creation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focus lists for investment banking equity research desks. 9 Asset owners representing more than USD 15 trillion have recently signalled their support for U.S. and international action on climate change publicly (although only a portion of the portfolios of these investors are allocated accordingly). 10 Many institutional investors are acutely aware of the „macro‟ risks of climate change; but they generally believe they lack data adequate to shifting their portfolio investments. Given a choice between „green‟ and „black‟ investments with a similar risk/reward profile, they say they will choose green in recognition of those macro risks .